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Each of these presentations yields a Return-on-Investment of over $1,000,000 for audiences of 300 or more, as evaluated by conferees. -


A real 'blast from the past' - to help forge your future.

"Helps groups think more creatively."
Meetings and Conventions Magazine

The Magic of You

Ron teams up with one of today's top young magicians to use astonishing stage illusions to dramatize his most profitable strategies.

"Inspiring audiences to make the magic happen -- in their lives, and in your organization." Meeting News

You are the CEO of YOU, Inc.

In this era of mergers, re-engineering, and constant change, you can no longer rely on your current employer to guarantee your success and security. You must take new responsibilities for managing your own career. In this session you will create the first draft of your Business Plan for YOU, INC. -- a fresh framework for achieving your goals of fulfillment, service, and profitability.

Profiting From Your Creativity

A day-glow yellow light bulb on each chair gives every participant his or her own script for conducting an idea-generating session. During this exhilarating workshop, you will actually produce profitable ideas for yourself and your organization -- and delight in hearing reports from upfront on what other groups have thought up! And that poster-size light bulb will go on your corkboard when you get home, enabling you to spark creativity in your staff and co-workers!

Peak-Performance Poker

Deal yourself into a rousing session of Poker -- PEAK PERFORMANCE Poker! As Kenny Rogers belts out "The Gambler," you' ll create your own "perfect hand" of your greatest strengths. Then, you'll learn how to "join hands" to create Great Teams based on the principle that "All of Us Are Smarter Than Any of Us!" Enlivened with music, costume, visuals, and comaraderie, this is an EVENT, not merely a presentation!

L(earning) Your Living

The more you learn, the more you will earn. This new "Iron Law" of career success will be documented with findings from the careers of top achievers among young and mid-career managers. Through powerful personal stories including "The $170,000,000 Learner," you will master the 5 strategies for turning every day and every assignment into a building block to the top of your field.


Reaching Your Peak Every Day

Five key traits distinguish the 15% of the people in any organization who are the "stars" -- those who come through in the crunch, provide the leadership, and spark others to do their best. Your career advancement and personal growth depend on your cultivation and implemention of these "star qualities." You will leave this session with a powerful new commitment to Motivation, Networking, Team-work, Persistence, and Self-Management.

Triple Your Brainpower:
Thinking Together with the 'Six Hats'

Master this astounding technique for "whole-brain" thinking that has revolutionized decision-making at Prudential, IBM, Dupont, Motorola, and a hundred other top companies. You will will learn and practice the use of six metaphoric hats, to organize your own thinking and that of others. Triple your mental effectiveness and increase productivity at meetings by 25-40% -- and take home presentation tools for using the technique at a board meeting or across the lunch-table.

Emotional Intelligence:

Your Winning Edge in Work and Life

Your long-term success depends more on your Emotional Intelligence, than on your IQ or your professional/technical competence. Learn the five powerful principles of EI, and how you can use them to motivate yourself and communicate with others more authentically. You will leave this session with a 5-step program to nurture your own EI -- and with methods such as 'Nailing Your Shoe to the Wall' with which you can awaken your colleagues to the importance of EI.

Success YOUR Style!

How to Capitalize on Your Personal Strengths

How do YOU like to learn, think, and relate to others? In this participatory session you will explore how you have performed best in your life and your career, and how you can learn easier, faster, and better -- starting with the rest of your conference! You will leave the session with a graphic profile of your own brain and how it processes information.


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