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Dear Fellow Meeting Professional:

You can spark several hundred conversations by e-mail and phone, about how great your last convention was!

Here's how it works: Just get attendees to "buddy up" before they leave, and agree to call each other two weeks after they get home, to encourage follow-through on the most important thing they've learned.

Putting this in place at your next conference can take as little as 10
minutes. (I do it regularly as part of my keynotes, and it makes meeting planners very happy.)

Each attendee picks a partner, shares something she's planning to
follow-through on, and declares her commitment to call the other person on a specified date for a friendly check on how well each of them is doing in "implementation."

The result of my most recent use of this technique was an estimated 6,000 minutes of conversation among Alabama health and safety professionals last month, about how good their recent annual conference had been.

Those who discovered they needed extra help, called me -- I had put my e-mail address and toll-free phone number on the back of the little form provided for them to take each other's contact information, and committed to being available that day to field questions and provide support.

For complete details on this technique, go to our web-site at the end of this e-mail and read ""They're still talking about YOUR conference!" under CONVENE READER'S RESOURCES.

Ronald Gross
CONVENE Magazine columnist

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