use these outstanding sites and services:


A . Do you prefer to Think or Act? Do you like to proceed "by-the-numbers," or get the Big Picture?

A 44-item questionnaire available in both online and paper and pencil versions. Learning style results are presented in four categories: active/reflective, sensing/intuitive, visual/verbal and sequential/global.


B. Do you prefer to learn by seeing, hearing, or hands-on?

This questionnaire will tell you whether you are an Auditory, Visual, or Kinesthetic Learner.


C. Want more on-line tests? The best site linking you to still more tests is Learning to Learn, at


D. CD-ROM?! A variety of Learning Styles self-tests are available on a CD-ROM -- see prospectus at


E. Want a friendly and knowledgeable "Expert Guide to Cyberspace" for this area of Learning Styles? My favorite is Kimeiko Hotta Dover at ABOUT.COM. Her address is:


F. If you'd like an in-person diagnosis of how you learn best and how you can capitalize on your style, look for a local Learning Specialist in the Yellow Pages, on-line, or through a local college's Office of Adult Advisory Services. In the Denver area, for example, Linda Meyer at the the reknowned Meyer Learning Center is an Executive Coach who helps professionals achieve peak performance; she can be reached ey e-mail at <>.

A FREE DIAGNOSIS OF YOUR PERSONAL LEARNING STYLE by Ronald Gross, is a "signing bonus" when you book the offering "Success, Your Style!"

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