"What's YOUR Learning Style?"

(CONVENE, December, 1999, pp. 61-64.)

for your interest in understanding your own learning style, and in offering your attendees this powerful success strategy. Knowing how to learn easier, faster, better, and more enjoyably, will enrich your life and accelerate your career.

I'd love to share this know-how with you -- and with your conferees!



Would you like to:


Learn more about your own Learning Style -- by taking on-line tests or using a CD-ROM, getting advice from an "Expert Guide to cyberspace, and receiving a personal diagnosis of your style by me!


Add "Style" to your next conference, by offering your attendees a high-spirited session on "SUCCESS, YOUR STYLE!"


Read a reprint of the article from the December 1999 issue of CONVENE, for your convenience if you do not have the magazine handy.


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