How to Use "The Internal Service Pact"
to improve Internal Service in Your Organization
(as described in CONVENE, Oct. 1999, p. 19)

1. Create a poster-size version of your own "Internal Service Pact" as described in the article, and have managers post it prominently on their own corkboards, and throughout their work-spaces.

2. Identify YOUR chief Internal Customers -- those who require your priority service.

3. ASK THEM how you can improve your service to them.
Ask specific questions and listen to ensure complete understanding of your customers' wants and needs.

4. Initiate similar conversations with those on whom YOU are dependent for information or action -- by sending them a copy of the "PACT" if necessary (as described in the article).

5. Always keep your work and your commitments.

6. Identify and improve your "critical contact points" --
points where your international customers
are depending on you for information and action.

DO THE ATTENDEES AT YOUR CONFERENCE OR CONVENTION need to upgrade Internal Service in their organizations?
We can actively involve your audience in solving a crisis situation, using a Video Simulation of botched "internal service." It's an unforgettable learning experience which conferees can take back and use with THEIR work-groups and fellow-managers.

Let's talk about how it would work for YOUR audiences!

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