Sample Program Copy:

Lead Your Team Onto "The Field"

The FORCE Field, that is! The Force Field is the most powerful strategy you can use when your team faces a new challenge.

In this session you will master the Force Field method,using a "hands-on" approach by joining with others to learn this proven strategy. And you will apply it to a challenge facing everyone in our field.

You will leave the session with your own "Force Field" chart, and the know-how to conduct a strategic planning session in your own organization.


The Background:


The original Force Field Problem-Solving Model was developed by Kurt Lewin in the 1950s. Since that time it has been widely used as a technique for encouraging people to tackle organizational issues that previously seemed too complex or too deeply rooted to approach. Community groups, governmental agencies, business teams, and many other types of organizations have successfully applied the Model to their problems.

At the heart of the Model is the idea that any situation is the result of a balance of two opposing sets of forces, One set of forces, called Driving Forces, pushes the current situation toward a positive problem resolution. The other set of forces, called Restraining Forces, pushes the current situation away from positive problem resolution.

If Driving Forces and Restraining Forces remain in relative balance, the current problem situation probably will not change. If either set of Forces gains strength, however, the situation is likely to change.

As a problem solver, you can create positive change by strengthening the Driving Forces (Drivers) and/or weakening the Restraining Forces (Restrainers) in a given problem situation.


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