Key to Your Career Success

(Further information on the article "A Measurable Equation,"

in CONVENE, February, 2000, pp. 46.)


Thanks for your interest in accelerating your career progress through L(earning) --

and in offering your attendees this profitable success strategy.

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Would you like to:

1. Learn more about L(earning) , including:

Ten Proven Techniques you can use to build learning into your job every day, join with others to create a Learning Organization, cope with change, and ignite your creativity.

Dollar-value and ROI: research on the dollar-value of L(earning) dramatized in "When Harry Met Sally"; the method for calculating and demonstrating the ROI from your learning; and information about two handbooks on documenting your professional growth.

2. Add L(earning) to your next conference, by offering your attendees a profitable and exhilarating session on using this success strategy to advance their careers.

3. Read a reprint of the article "A Measurable Equation," from the February 2000 issue of CONVENE (for your convenience if you do not have the magazine handy).

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