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This page features information on how my major presentations have worked for your PCMA colleages, as reported in my 5 years as columnist for CONVENE -- the longest-running column in the magazine's history.

In May 2002 my column moved to ABOUT: The Human Internet (, one of the ten largest U.S. websites. Just go to, and enter "Ronald Gross" in the Search box.

For more information about a specific column, please select from the following list:

Circling the Wagons (December 2000)

Further information on how "Learning Circles" can encourage your members to meet on a regular basis for Do-It-Yourself Professional Development, is available in my earlier column, "Building Blocks of the 'Learning Organization'", in CONVENE, April 1996 -- if you would like a reprint, please e-mail me at For a related article on "How a Journal Club Enhances Performance," please click on selection #12 in the listing at the end of this page.

Could Your Speaker Pitch a 'Double-Header'? (November 2000)

Further information on the two-session package (Keynote, and highly-participatory Break-out), please review these two presentations: Topic 5, "PEAK PERFORMANCE POKER", and Topic 8, "TRIPLE YOUR BRAINPOWER".

How Asking 'Why' Impels Improvements (CONVENE, October 2000)


The Whys Guy (CONVENE, June, 2000)

Further information on becoming a Whys Guy and on Sears' $50 million mistake.

Bringing the Basics Back In-House (CONVENE, September 2000)

Class notes from David House's course on Decision-making.

All of Us Are Smarter Than Any of Us (CONVENE, May 2000)

Further information about the 15 principles of "creative collaboration" and the case studies from which they are derived, including Apple, Disney, Lockheed's "Skunk Works", and the 1002 Clinton prsidential campaign.

The Change Curve (CONVENE, Mar. 2000)

Further information on how to use The Change Curve to cope with new developments in your organization, and bring this strategy to your conferees.

L(earning): "A Measurable Equation" (CONVENE, Feb., 2000)

Further information on L(earning), including Specific Techniques; research results on the dollar-value ROI of L(earning); offering L(earning) to your conferees, etc.

To Succeed, Open Your Eyes (CONVENE, Feb. 2000)

Further information about ways to "open your eyes" to new opportunities -- and obtain a sample replica $1.00 bill.

What's YOUR Learning Style? (CONVENE, December, 1999)

Further information on learning faster, better, easier, and more enjoyably --
and offering SUCCESS, YOUR STYLE! at your conference.

"Breaking Through to Your Toughest Audiences" (CONVENE, September 1999)

Further information on this topic --and a vivid scenario of how it "played" for Sonesta Hotels executives.

"Make a Pact with Your Internal Customers" (CONVENE, October 1999)

Further information about this topic --A generic agenda for conducting conversations
other managers, about how to enhance your internal service to each other.

"Rocket Your Team Through Challenges" (CONVENE, November 1999)

Further information about the Force Field technique.

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Reprints and Additional Information about

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9. The "Spiral Curriculum" of Management Training

10. Where are your Conferees on the Ladder?

11. Hole-in-the-Wall Gang

12. How a "Journal Club" Enhances Performance

13. The Doggie-Bag Session

14. Planners & Speakers Focus on Improving Learning

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